London's Alpine Festival
25 - 28 October Battersea Park, Battersea Evolution

Ski & Snowboard Show

Jimmy's Iced Coffee Bar

You may have had a White Russian before, but have you had a Jimmy’s Iced Coffee White Russian? They’re simply epic. An Iced Coffee with a shot of Black Cow Milk Vodka and Conker Cold Brew over ice and then bang…there it is.

You’ll see the Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Vario Van hangin’ out right next to Mt. Battersea. From 12pm each day, they will be providing morning pick-me-ups and après ski beverages in the form of Original, Skinny, Mocha and all NEW Dairy Free Iced Coffee as well as our epic White Russian cocktails. So Keep Your Chin Up, come see us and check ‘em out!

About Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Jimmy’s is bringing awesome British Iced Coffee to the nation. So if you’re looking for a refreshing pick me up to Keep Your Chin Up after a day on the slopes, look no further. Look for the rad Vario van pumping hip hop beats, whipping up White Russians and serving you ice cold, coffee fuelled refreshment all show long at the bottom of Mount Battersea (OC36). 

Where can you pick up your daily ready-to-drink caffeine hit post show? Track us down in Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and more. And if you’re still not sure, drop us a tweet @jimmyicedcoffee and we’ll tell you where to find your closest stockist.

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