Ski & Snowboard Festival

Taste of Norway

Head to the brand new Norway bar this year for a Taste of Norway. From home-made Waffles & Cream, Local Cheese's, Cured Meats and Norwegian Cheeses, to our very own "fire water" Aquavit.

Visit Noway home of skiing for a relaxing drink and wind down Scandinavian style. It's the perfect place to catch up with old friends from seasons-gone-by, while planning your next incredible trip away.

To add to the fun, we will have our legendary Children’s Mascots and Live “After Ski Music” to ensure you will want much much more, by visiting one of our amazing ski destinations next Winter.

Go on a skiing adventure unlike any other with Norway - The HOME of skiing.

Don't miss out, book your tickets today.

About Norway Home of Skiing

Norway’s a wonderful alternative to the traditional resorts in the Alps. With a population of only five million, living in a country a third bigger than the UK, you can understand why the slopes are rarely crowded and how the dramatic natural landscape is largely untouched.

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