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The Warren Smith Academy: Ski Technique Lab

Get educated about all things technical with the Warren Smith Academy's Ski Technique Lab 

This Autumn, the Warren Smith Academy will be touring the UK as part of their SKI TECHNIQUE LAB series with the grand finale taking place at The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show. The series delves into the special 3 Way Lineage (Ski Technique/Ski Biomechanics/Ski Equipment Precision) that has been created by Warren Smith and his team to improve skiing performance and movement. The 3 Way Foundation is then used to assess what movement ranges may need improving and how to do this.


During the lecture you will learn the ins and outs of the 3 Way Lineage System which brings together the ski client, the ski coach and ski manufacturer to create a synergy between all levels of development.

The three elements to this system are Ski Technique, Ski Biomechanics and Ski Equipment Precision work which in unison to prevent injury, enhance performance and guarantee technique development. This system goes beyond technique alone but assesses any underlying problems there may be with equipment and physical movement.   


Over the years, the Warren Smith Academy have researched the specific movements which can restrict a skier's progression if not properly harnessed and have developed exercises to alleviate any problems.

FLEX PATTERN - Lack of flexibility in the ankles and skiers leaning back whilst skiing – This was always due to tight calves or ski boot flex and precision fit issues.

SYMMETRY - Lack of symmetry and stability in the legs often called an A-Frame – This was due to muscles not being switched on to control the lateral movement in the legs and often ski boots without correct footbeds & incorrect canting angles

LEG STEERING RANGE - Lack of inward leg steering range which causes hip and upper body rotation – This was very often skiers having tight muscles around the ball and socket joints

The ‘3 Way Foundation’ testing system incorporates a variety of exercises such as the ‘Drop Test’ for flex pattern, the ‘10 Second Test’ for symmetry and the ‘Range Test’ for improving inward leg steering range. This will clearly identify any problems which will allow quicker progress on the slopes and decrease the risk of injury due to bad technique.

The Warren Smith Academy will be coming to The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show which gives you the opportunity to learn about it first hand and give it a go!

Tickets are now on sale, book here.

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