Ski & Snowboard Festival

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The snowsports industry is renowned for technical innovations in thermal and baselayer technologies.

KYMIRA Sport For:

  • Gear
  • Retail

Inspired by NASA research, KYMIRA Sport have developed an award winning range of sportswear that is powered by the wearer. Their cutting edge fabrics harness wasted energy from the body and converts it into infrared which supercharges your muscles to allow you to push harder, go further and recover quicker.

A primary benefit for winter sport athletes and ehthusuasts is thermal regulation. KYMIRA Sport’s responsive fabrics will store heat to ensure that the wearer does not get too cold. To prevent overheating, the infrared causes increased circulation and quick drying fabrics which regulate body temperature by dissipating excess heat.

Tim Brownstone, CEO and Founder said “We designed and engineered our products to help our customers push themselves harder, whilst going further. Whether that is on the slopes or in the gym. We wanted our customers to reach their maximum potential with the ability to recover quicker”.

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