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Snowcookie For:

  • Gear

Snowcookie is a revolutionary three-piece ski-enhancement system, compromised of a chest-mounted, medallion-style central sensor and two subtle, bomb-proof, ski-mounted external sensors. Utilizing a combination of high-powered in-device tech and app-linked smartphone processing, Snowcookie promises to take its users’ knowledge, skills and progression to never before imagined levels.

With a central processor developed in conjunction with Intel our triangulated three-piece system has the power and the pedigree to set it apart from all other systems.

And it doesn’t stop there. Snowcookie provides on-the-fly coaching, sent to a user via smartphone headphones in the form or audio hints played exactly when you need them. 

On top of this, Snowcookie’s competition mode allows you to link up and compare yourself not just with your buddies on-hill, but also other skiers around the world. Moreover, now there is so much more to compete against than just time on the finish line! Thanks to Snowcookie you can challenge other skiers on skills as well — who carved the cleanest turns, got most G-force, or aced the maneuvers your aim the challenge at. 

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