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Qwivvr is a young, exciting and fresh company offering ski and snowboard improvement holidays. We have partnered with world class resorts to bring you the very best personalised tuition, on the best terrain, staying in exclusive accommodation at the best prices we could possibly offer.

Our team is made up of mountain enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, qualified ski and snowboard instructors and commercial whizz kids to make sure that you get the best possible alpine experience with all the trimmings. We have built courses which are fully customizable to every individual - whether you are just breaking your first tracks and making those first turns or are a seasoned pro wanting to tune your skills - Qwivvr has the vacation for you.

We are passionate about mountain sports and we are passionate about helping you get the best out of them. We can say with confidence that after only a few days you will see the difference!

Qwivvr operates in the northern and southern hemisphere and offers some truly unique terrain where you will genuinely be able to say that the journey was as remarkable as the destination.

When the snow melts and the winter crew depart, the Qwivvr lifts keep turning with a full comprehensive offering of mountain biking, climbing, paddle boarding, kayaking and adventure races.

Conquer all the mountain with Qwivvr ... all your round.

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