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trixski is a new startup created by friends who love skiing and love that exhilarating feeling when we go down your first run each season!

trixski For:

  • Gear
  • Retail

Having skied together for years we had lots of ideas about how to make skiing even more enjoyable and remove some of the hassle, so we can all just focus on the good stuff!

The number 2 most annoying thing about skiing? Carrying all your gear around! So, we designed the trixski ski carrier - a simple, easy to use, easy to carry solution that takes all the hassle out of carrying skis. It fits in seconds, is pocket-sized and even has snap tabs so you can remove it easily in gloves. It’s made with a robust, adjustable strap for all shapes and sizes and to last season after season.

It’s awesome for everyone, but we think parents will find it particularly useful, helping them carry all the family’s skis safely and handsfree so you can keep the kids safe too.

We hope it helps make your next ski holiday the most enjoyable yet and we’d love to hear all about it, so join us on Facebook or Instagram.

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