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Warren Smith Academy returns to the Festival to help you improve your technique

The Telegraph ski technique editor and leading ski instructor, Warren Smith, is returning to the UK this October with his revolutionary Ski Technique Lab.

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We are delighted to announce that the finale of the tour will be held at the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival.

Warren’s Ski Technique Lab focuses on education and testing the range of movement in specific areas of the body. This will allow the team to identify areas that need increased stability or flexibility which is essential to the development of your skiing! And the best part, Warren and his team will help you to see results before you have even hit the slopes this winter!

“I was really impressed with the presentation at the Ski Festival last year and decided to take the tests myself to see where my limits may lie. I was shocked to find that the range in my left ankle was dramatically less than my right one. I’ve always struggled with my weight dropping back on my right turn, and this explained why!”
Ski Festival regular, Andre Austin

Visitors to the Festival will be able to book free of charge video analysis appointments with the team and carry out a range of tests. Warren will also be hosting a talk in the Inghams Lodge daily, timings will be confirmed soon. Tickets for the Festival are now on sale.