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24-27 October 2019
Battersea Evolution

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Jubel Beer

British start-up Jubel ( is pioneering a new style of craft beer: naturally infused fruit lager. After discovering a dangerously refreshing beer tradition at an après-ski bar in the Alps, founder Jesse Wilson (26) set about recreating the beer after finding nothing like it back home. He sunk his savings into a big brew that flew at a festival and escaped his 9-5 to pioneer this new category of beer. It took two years to fine-tune the beer, working with the UK’s twice-awarded Brewer of the Year to craft the perfect balance. The range of highly sessionable craft lagers available includes the original Alpine, which is cut with peach; Urban, cut with elderflower and the newest infusion Coast, cut with zingy grapefruit.

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Pioneers of naturally fruit-infused craft beers, delivering the refreshment of a fruit cider with the sessionability of a crisp lager

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